To the new version of my website, formerly known as Χαρά στο πράγμα! 3.

This is the fourth version of the website, with a newer look and a new name. As usual, I cleaned the content as well, removing many dead links. Since the third version had seen a major clean up of the code, this one was relatively painless, and mostly an exercice in CSS rewriting. ( The picture comes from Photo de nature and is credited to Artistique-attitude.com. According to the whois information, artistic-attitude.com was created on 2012-03-21 and the domain expired on 2015-03-21.)

My first (original) website was put up in 1996 (or thereabout) as http://telematique.org/ft. It was written in html 1 to 3.

A revamped version appeared in 2011 as http://francois.telematique.org. I tried to get rid of all the dead links from the original website (which had known long spells of total unmaintenance :-) ), while still keeping as much as possible of the info. I added a phone section and a reader section. I also tried to rationalize the site, cutting on redundancy, and to bring the technology into the 21st century while rewriting as little as possible. Finally, I made the link with other places ( LinkedIn, Follow @Spock444), and my daily news digests, which are available on Paper.li and on Scoop.it . It was written in html 4.

The third version's main changes were under the hood. I added an AoH section and the site is mostly in Html5/CSS3 plus the odd JavaScript (which I learned in the meantime) thrown in for good measure. It was supposed to adapt much more gracefully to any screen size and most notably mobiles.

At the time of this writing, the html5 support is not the same for all browsers, so as you usual, your mileage may vary. (But I see you're not using IE - that's a good start :-) )

Enjoy !



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